Beth Ditto Turns Into A Plastic Person

noah | April 24, 2009 11:00 am

Beth Ditto has been transformed into a limited-edition doll that will promote her upcoming clothing line for the British plus-sized clothing chain Evans. “Ditto’s curves have been translated into pint-sized proportions,” says Vogue UK in its writeup of the doll. Which is a nice way to allude to the Barbie-like makeover she’s been given–I guess because making clothing for “big girls” an acceptable topic for fashion magazines to even think about is tough, even if they are “slouchy, rock-inspired clothes and accessories” designed by someone famous. The full doll after the jump.

Cute, right? Although if Evans didn’t have the specialty that it did, I probably would be wondering just who Ditto was designing her line for. By the way, did you remember that Beth Ditto is also in a band? It’s true! The Gossip have a new record coming out in June, and “Heavy Cross” is apparently slated to be its first single. It’s sort of a minimalist cousin to “Standing In The Way Of Control,” if this clip from MTV UK is any indication. Evans creates a Beth Ditto doll [Vogue UK] The Gossip [BIGSTEREO]