The Far East Movement Have Me Ready To Ride On Chrome With Robert Smith

Dan Gibson | April 24, 2009 3:15 pm
I’m sure there’s quite an active low-rider musical genre out there, but despite living in a town with an active and significant Hispanic community, you wouldn’t really know if from the urban radio station in Tucson. That’s probably how I’ve missed out on the Far East Movement (who aren’t Hispanic, but make music seemingly oriented towards that market) until today. Other than promoting the occasional Amanda Perez club appearance, the playlist on Hot 98.3 seems about the same as any Clear Channel-operated station playing rap and R&B hits. It makes me a little sad, especially when a group makes a tribute to riding in old cars low to the ground that uses an Autotuned snippet of the Cure’s “Love Song” as a chorus. What’s not to like?

I like this song so much that it instantly joins my very short personal playlist of tracks about riding around in cars. No. 1, of course, is Lighter Shade of Brown’s “Sunday Afternoon.”

No. 2: Masta Ace’s “Sittin’ On Chrome.”
I’m certain there are others probably worth mentioning, but those are my favorites. That’s serious company, Far East Movement. I hope you appreciate the honor.Far East Movement [Official site]