Note To Journey: If Arnel Pineda Becomes Unavailable, We’ve Found The Guy For You

noah | April 24, 2009 4:30 pm
You may have to figure out a way around child labor laws, because Cleveland resident Vincent Fondale–the lead singer of the band tearing through “Separate Ways” above–is nine years old.

That makes him one of the youngest members of Recess, which calls itself Cleveland’s Classic Rock Kids Band, but surely Neal Schon is already trying to think of ways to extend the Journey brand into the next century. (I doubt cryogenic technology will allow the members to freeze and thaw themselves in line with the demands of their touring schedules.) Below, Vincent does “Lights”!

Man, I hope his voice doesn’t change too much.

Vincent Fondale [Official site] Kids band Recess plays “Separate Ways” [YouTube] Vincent Fondale and the Recess Band performs Lights, by journey [YouTube] [HT King Of Pants]