What If Rock Week On “American Idol” Turned Into A Velvet Revolver Tryout?

noah | April 27, 2009 9:00 am

Slash let it slip on his Twitter that he’s been approached about serving as mentor for an upcoming episode of American Idol–it’ll be “Rock Week,” which means that the show may actually have the potential to feature songs that were first written during Allison Iraheta’s lifetime. (Maybe.) But the possibility of Slash helping out this year’s Idol contestants got me thinking: What if the person who performed best that evening was rewarded, as a bonus, with the lead singer slot in the top-hatted guitarist’s notoriously frontman-bereft outfit Velvet Revolver? After the jump, odds on which of Idol‘s remaining five contestants can best fill Weiland’s shoes.Kris Allen: Unless the band decides to kowtow to nostalgia even more slavishly than it already does and play only episodes of MTV Unplugged,the fresh-faced dorm dreamboat has zero chance. 100-1.Matt Giraud: Yeah, uh. No. 75-1.Adam Lambert: “We like you, man, but when you get into those higher registers, it’s just a little too reminiscent of the bad old days.” 15-1.Danny Gokey: Dude’s raging ego is a sign that he already has succumbed to the Lead Singer Syndrome that is required of participants in supergroups like VR, although singing the band’s ELO cover might result in accusations of dead-wife pimpage. 7-1.Allison Iraheta: She’s the youngest of the group, but her soul, if her vocal performances are to be believed, is a withered husk. Plus, her young age could have the potential of introducing Slash, Duff, and the gang to entirely new demographics! 3-2.2:54 AM Apr 26 [Twitter via MJ]