DMX Will Not Be Crying On VH1 Anytime Soon

noah | April 27, 2009 12:00 pm

• Rep for DMX denies that the troubled MC will take up residence in Celebrity Rehab [AllHipHop] • Ida Maria now waking early-rising MTV watchers from their slumber [Video Static; HT me remembering to tune into AMTV this morning] • Creation Records’ Alan McGee still really mad about the whole “signing My Bloody Valentine” thing [MySpace] • Rihanna asks LAPD to return $1.4 million worth of jewelry that was seized as evidence the night of Chris Brown‘s arrest [AP] • Aerosmith make up a 2007 canceled show in Hawaii with a free concert for [NYT] • You are such a slacker! Revel in it by watching a clip of Superchunk playing “Slack Motherfucker” in Brooklyn two years ago [Ars Technica]