Coldplay Drummer Embarks On “Beat-Making Odyssey,” Loses The Rest Of His Band

noah | April 29, 2009 2:45 pm

A roadie for Coldplay posts a dispatch on the band’s blog: “Will has a new toy for drum programming which has sent him on a beat-making odyssey. He rolls up today with a new idea and announces cheerfully to all that, ‘It’s in seven four time and it’s 168 bpm’. For those of you less versed in music theory, ‘Seven four time’ means that when he kicks off the drum machine, everyone spends a lot of time asking, ‘Where’s the one?’. Meanwhile, ‘168 bpm’ means that everyone is getting confused very quickly.

” Here’s hoping the “rich, complex weave” that ensues sounds kinda like a syncopated version of this. [Coldplay via Q]