Basic Cable Causes Eminem To Fly Into Homicidal Rage

noah | May 4, 2009 9:00 am

Eminem’s video for “3 A.M.” debuted over the weekend, with the homicidal fantasy getting an appropriately bloody clip (the body count looks to be around four) set in the mythical rehab facility Popsomp Hills. It’s kind of like a Blair Witch Project meets Paris Hilton sex tape meets lots of scratchy old B-movies sort of thing, and it’s actually quite well shot–but truth be told, I’m more interested in whether Em will bother cleaning up the late-night-Cinemax gore of the clip for conventional music-video broadcast outlets like MTV and Fuse than the video itself. (Especially that line that implies fapping to a rerun of Hannah Montana, which, yuck.) [OnSMASH]