The Britney Spears Fan Who Rushed Onstage The Other Night Is Ready For His Close-Up

noah | May 4, 2009 10:30 am

Saturday night, 20-year-old Kyle King decided to make his night at Britney Spears’ concert in Uncasville, Ct., even more special by running onstage during the finale performance of “Womanizer,” unnerving the singer and getting himself arrested. King probably won’t plead “not guilty” at his June court date, though; the kid was so excited by his newfound media notoriety, he posted an animated .gif of himself trying to freak Spears on his MySpace page, on which he also notes “I Stick Out… It’s Funner :].” The fameballs start younger and younger these days, don’t they? A clip of the incident after the jump–if you want to skip right to the part where King tries to get Spears’ crazy, it’s at the 3:10 mark.

Given that my experience at the Bamboozle this weekend involved running into a huge line of kids who were excited to see Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker, this kid’s attempt to hitch himself to the Spears train doesn’t really surprise me all that much. You’d think he’d try to do it in such a way that didn’t involve his alleged idol being visibly shaken up, but I guess we live in a cutthroat world.

(Also, not to pile on, but am I allowed to say that Britney’s dancing before the run-in looks a little bit… listless? We’re not quite in 2007-VMA territory, but I’m wondering if that’s because she’s actually styled this time.)

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