Kelly Clarkson Puts Her Black Heart Out There

noah | May 5, 2009 11:00 am

Kelly Clarkson’s rumored contribution to the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack started popping up on American Idol fan sites and pop-leak blogs last night. The track, called “Did You,” is a riff-heavy ballad that was allegedly a leftover from the My December sessions. To these ears, it sounds a lot like Buckcherry’s “For The Movies,” albeit with lyrics that are more in tune with the Twilight series’ vampiric sensibilities (“Falling down/ Darkness surrounds me / I opened my eyes / I bowed my head / And cried”). A YouTube clip is after the jump.

If this was a My December discard, you have to wonder why; it’s not exactly breaking new ground, but it is pretty sad-anthemic.

Twilight Saga New Moon Soundtrack – Kelly Clarkson Leak – “DID YOU” [YouTube] [HT Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]