Taylor Momsen Filling “Gossip Girl”‘s Romeo Void

noah | May 6, 2009 12:30 pm
I don’t watch Gossip Girl, and I am generally suspicious of the already-famous trying to leverage their celebrity in ways that result in them landing in the music business. That said, Pretty Reckless–the band fronted by 16-year-old GG starlet Taylor Momsen, which played its first show at the New York City club the Annex last night–is pretty decent; Momsen, looking like a refugee from the second stage at Lollapalooza ’92, has a trembling wail that brings to mind Donita Sparks (although the keyboards on “Zombie,” above, are a little too close to those on “Separate Ways” for my comfort). After the jump, the decidedly spunkier “I Really Fuckin’ Love You,” a distant cousin of “Never Say Never” that could very easily slide into the soundtrack for the forthcoming Gossip Girl spinoff set in ’80s Los Angeles.
Pretty Reckless – Zombie [YouTube] Pretty Reckless – I Really Fuckin’ Love You [YouTube] [via pretty much every NYC-based Tumblr I follow, who I guess filled The Annex last night]