Official “Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ Results Were Total BS” Thread

noah | May 6, 2009 10:00 pm

We’ll have a full recap of tonight’s results show shortly, but for now, I’d like to say goodbye to Allison Iraheta, whose preternaturally aged voice, exquisite phrasing, and actual ability to be subtle will be greatly missed–especially since it means that we have to listen to Danny Freaking Gokey yarl on for another week at least. Also, can I blame Perez a little bit for this, given that he reported the non-news that Allison had won a reality show a couple of years back on Thursday? I mean, people in the know were fully aware of this little bit of nontroversy, but the grand swath of idiots who only find out about “news” via his brightly colored ass and the collective mouth-breathing contingent of TMZ probably figured “she doesn’t need this” and sat on their hands. Boo. Boooooooo. Oh well; at least Vicki agrees with me.