So Rick Astley Walks Into A Karaoke Bar…

noah | May 11, 2009 11:00 am
Since the advent of the Rickroll–in which Web surfers are redirected to a clip of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”–the song has become something of a “funny” karaoke staple for people who want to incorporate some comedy into their routine. But is Rickroll karaoke still funny when Astley himself is responsible for vocal duties? An audience in Athens, Ga., found out the other night, when the British singer stopped by, and treated the audience to a performance of his now-signature hit. He’s definitely working the crowd, allowing them to sing along. (Also, the glasses make him look quite fetching!) And there’s more from the evening–after the jump, Rick shows off his falsetto with a performance of “9 To 5,” and peeves someone else in attendance with his need for multiple star turns!
Apparently Rick was ready to roll every performer who dared near the mic, as evidenced by this little rant on the ride home by someone whose sister’s performance of “Song 2” got interrupted! Warning: the word “douchebag” is uttered a lot.
See, everyone? Even Rick Astley can seem like a jerk when he tries to hog the microphone at the karaoke benefit. Sure, a blog post on the evening notes that he’s welcome back anytime, but I think that if he wasn’t famous, that wouldn’t be the case. Rick Rollers [Pinkerpage] pinkerpage [YouTube] [HT: Lucas]