R. Kelly Would Like To Sell You His Looney Tunes Bar

noah | May 11, 2009 7:00 pm

For only $2,000–or best offer, so get bidding!–a custom-made bar at R. Kelly’s now-former house can be yours. And by “Looney Tunes Bar” I don’t mean “featured in a video in the ‘Trapped In The Closet’ series”–I mean cartoon-themed, so Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, and Jessica Rabbit (who doesn’t quite fit in, although I guess R. wanted as much sexiness as possible in his cartoon cavalcade) are all carved into the front. Not only that, but it’s trimmed with leather for extra classiness! Honestly if I had room in my house I would put in a bid, if only because it would be a great conversation piece and I’m sick of storing my liquor high above my kitchen cabinets. [Craigslist Chicago via The Daily Swarm]