Ticketmaster’s Legal-Scalping Site Continues To Give Bruce Springsteen Fans Headaches

noah | May 13, 2009 12:30 pm

Thanks to a glitch, Ticketmaster’s “secondary ticketing” site TicketsNow–which allows those people who have bought tickets to events to resell them at a premium–oversold certain seating sections for this coming Monday’s Bruce Springsteen show in Washington, D.C. As it turned out, the tickets that were oversold were in the good areas of the Verizon Center, and not the nosebleed seats. So basically, a bunch of E Street fans who paid as much as three times face value for a seat close to the stage at the city’s Verizon Center were actually buying the illusion of getting to see the Boss up close. Nice work, guys! TicketsNow and its shady policies have attracted the ire of Springsteen and his fans before, and while Ticketmaster’s trying to rectify the problem by giving affected people refunds in addition to free (if crappier) seats, something tells me that we’re about to see another annoyed missive from Bruce pretty soon.Springsteen concert overbooked; thousands given refunds [WTOP] [HT Jimmy A.]