A Quick Guide To Your “American Idol” Pre-Finale Controversies

noah | May 18, 2009 4:00 pm

With a little more than 24 hours to go until the American Idol finale, a few bits of news are trickling out… that, of course, have nothing to do with what finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen might be singing during tomorrow night’s competition. Because if there’s one thing about this year, it’s that the performances were usually the least important thing! After the jump, Danny Gokey is still dumb, Katy Perry gets her clothing bleeped, and no one knows who’ll be judging next year.

• Danny Gokey: Still saying stupid things. Basically there was this vlog that Michael Sarver (you remember him, right?) shot, and when the camera fell on the Gokester, he said that he “loved” his fellow finalist–then tried to clarify that he loved Sarver in the Godly way. Only at first the word “Godly” sounded an awful lot like the word “right.” Sigh. On the bright side, perhaps this means the two of them will now get matching manicures in their clumsy efforts to win back rightfully irritated members of the Idol fanbase. [MJ] • Katy Perry: Censored by iTunes? Not for being generally aggravating, but for having Adam Lambert’s name on the back of the cape she wore while performing “Waking Up In Vegas”; it’s been whited out of the version of the video that one can buy on iTunes. Hey, if I’m going to shell out a buck forty-nine, I won’t mind electioneering! [TMZ] • We don’t know who will be sipping from the Coke cups next year… yet. Fox president Kevin Reilly wouldn’t tell Entertainment Weekly TV reporter Michael Ausiello just who would be judging next year’s crop of American Idol hopefuls. No word on whether or not this is because Fox is trying to figure out how to fit a 30-minute American Idol: All The Things The Judges Wanted To Say But Couldn’t Because The Damn Singing Got In The Way supplemental show in its schedule. [EWAusielloFiles@Twitter]

[Pic via Newsday]