Kanye West Would Like To Offer Up A New Celebrity Taxonomy

noah | May 20, 2009 4:00 pm

In the midst of praising a sort of mediocre, but I guess well-framed paparazzi photo of Rihanna, Kanye West took some time out to offer up his thoughts on today’s biggest stars, and which current celebrities were serving as analogies of stars gone by, I guess because we live in the post-everything age. If you ever wondered which current somewhat-superstar Kanye West views as the new Jimi Hendrix and/or Roger Waters, the answers lie after the jump. JUSTIN IS THE NEW MIKE (Jackson, I guess? Has anyone ever heard him called “Mike”? Are we just not famous enough?) BEYONCE’S THE NEW TINA TURNER GAGA’S MADONNA (God help us) JAY IS SINATRA WAYNE IS HENDRIX (Not with that guitar playing) THOM YORKE IS ROGER WATERS (Poor guy!) So, putting aside the, um, timeframe-spanning analogies that Kanye’s offering here, I have a question: Which “legend in the making” does he represent? Marvin Gaye? Andy Warhol? One of the Studio 54 guys? Or is he just, well, his own thing, defying comparison? And isn’t it sort of a cheat, if he thinks he is? FRESH ASS PICTURE!! [kanYe West: Blog]