The Zune HD: Ooh, It’s So Shiny

noah | May 27, 2009 11:00 am

Microsoft’s much-maligned media player, the Zune, has announced a new version of its product, and it’s kind of iPhone-looking–I don’t see any brown anywhere in the above pic, which is a good sign. This iteration, scheduled to hit stores in the fall, will also have a Web browser, meaning that after years and years, Microsoft is finally allowing users to use the device’s wi-fi capability to do things other than “squirting” songs to Zune-owning pals. But why does it have the “HD” moniker? Is it because the mirror power of the shiny side will allow you to look at yourself in super-closeup? No, it’s because the built-in radio will be able to tune into HD radio stations–you know, those frequencies that radio companies these days are using for formats that have been kicked to the curb by pop-fan-chasing program directors. The radio industry is probably much more excited by this than any consumer out there, what with their hopes of getting people sucked into HD radio when they buy new cars being torpedoed by the auto industry’s collapse. More specs at Gizmodo; so far, Zune Tattoo Guy hasn’t weighed in on the new specs at his message-board haunt, but I’ll be watching.Zune HD Is Real, Has Multitouch Web Browsing, OLED Screen and HD Video [Gizmodo]