Wavves Meltdown Results In Mass Outbreak Of Twittenfreude

noah | May 29, 2009 2:00 pm

The Pitchfork-beloved lower-than-lo-fi outfit Wavves has certainly caused certain corners of the Internet to get their danders up, thanks to the influential review site’s unabashed enthusiasm for the band so early in its career rubbing up against its ramshackle sonic aesthetics and bordering-on-unbearable live show. Those live woes continued yesterday at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival, where they basically staged a melt down while playing the fest’s Pitchfork-sponsored stage. What started with a bad soundcheck grew into bottles being thrown at the crowd, Wavves main man Nathan Williams mocking the crowd’s choice of recreational pharmaceuticals, petulance toward the sound guy, and the drummer finally pouring a big cup of beer over Williams’ head. Naturally, this news of an overhyped band being sort of crappy led to no shortage of responses on the microblogging service Twitter, which, in times like these, serves as the Internet’s perhaps-too-rapid-response unit. A sampling of reactions from people who felt the urge to issue 140-character statements on what this means for Wavves, music, and the world after the jump! There was, of course, your garden-variety surliness:


And some attempts at emasculation:


One observer took some time out to make a pun regarding Google’s forthcoming, similarly named project:


Another tried to predict the future:


While still another looked toward the past:


Not everyone was unsympathetic, though!


It kind of sucks that their show at such a big festival–a slot that many other bands would kill to get–was, well, such a disaster. Maybe while they’re traveling to the next stop on their European tour, Williams can take some time out and read Lucas’ treatise on the wrong kind of rock star behavior?Wavves Meltdown In Barcelona [Pitchfork]