This New Mew Song Is Pretty Rad

noah | May 29, 2009 3:30 pm

“Introducing Palace Players,” the first track to emerge from the Danish band Mew’s forthcoming album No More Stories / Are Told Today / I’m Sorry / They Washed Away // No More Stories / The World Is Grey / I’m Tired / Let’s Wash Away, starts off taut and wiry, all percussion and attacked guitars, before blooming into something that sounds like three tracks are playing at once (in a good way). Things settle down slightly after that, and the whole song unfolds kind of like a dream, with the marshmallow-light vocals of Jonas Bjerre recalling–swoon!–Green Gartside’s. I always forget how much I love this band until I hear a song of theirs (damn short-attention-span culture), and I am so excited for the album to come out in August. An embed of the track, after the jump.

Mew [MySpace]