Did Phil Spector Wrangle Twitter Privileges In Prison?

noah | June 1, 2009 9:30 am

Probably not (unless I’m mistaken, most people who have been locked up for murder don’t get to hang on to their iPods and laptops while in the pokey), but whoever’s portraying the disgraced record producer on the microblogging service is certainly having fun with the persona: • He’s baiting Gene Simmons! • He’s chronicling the mating habits of insects! • He’s apparently angling to write Chicken Soup For The Convict’s Soul! • And, of course, there are hair-related jokes. So yeah, I am going to put this down as “someone having a very macabre laugh.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t completely falling for it, though. I hope Gene responds, since he isn’t all that good at sussing out peoples’ real identities online! Harvey P Spector [Twitter; HT Whiney]