Cheap Trick Wants You To Want Them… On Eight-Track

noah | June 4, 2009 11:30 am

Cheap Trick’s The Latest certainly sounds promising so far, but will its potential awesomeness inspire people to scour garage sales for eight-track tape players? And then shell out an additional $30 for the limited-edition version of the album that will be made available in that format? Eight-track tapes–the bricklike music-delivery methods that forced many a windy band to figure out just how to chop their longer songs in two–are still made in limited runs, and given that Cheap Trick’s back catalogue is still out there–if not entirely in demand–in the format, it makes sense. Still, $30 seems a little steep… unless there’s a download bundle attached? I’m only half-kidding here.The Latest 8-Track [MusicToday via Fark]