Brokencyde Reveal Themselves As The Heirs To Linkin Park’s Throne Of Teen Angst

noah | June 4, 2009 1:30 pm

brokeNCYDE – Booty Call Feat. E-40I know that I’m far outside of their target demo–as evidenced by the title of their forthcoming album I’m Not A Fan… But The Kids Like It!–but I can’t help but be a little more than disappointed by the new single by the hilariously awfulsome crunk-core outfit Brokencyde. “Booty Call” is maybe the ultimate letdown, since it reveals the band as the second coming of Linkin Park, only with a dude making screamo noises instead of rapping and dimestore synths swapped in for awkward DJ scratches. I mean, slightly misogynist songs with lyrics about dropping panties to the floor and asses being stuffed with “chocolate milk” should not sound like they’re meant to soundtrack some kid staring at a ceiling while wishing that it would be set afire by the sheer power of hatred for his suburban upbringing! [MySpace; HT Chris S.]