“Unplugged” Gets Rebooted For Our Attention-Span-Challenged Age

noah | June 5, 2009 1:00 pm

MTV Unplugged is coming back to TV! Well, sort of: Come Monday, the first episode of the newly revived show, featuring throaty-voiced Briton Adele, will air on MTV’s morning video block AMTV–only it’ll air in chunks, with snippets of the six-song set as well as interviews and other backstage footage being meted out over the course of AMTV‘s six hours. In order to watch the whole thing, you’ll have to fire up your browser and huddle in front of your computer while Adele performs “Chasing Pavements” and other selections from 19. New episodes will come out monthly, with next month’s installment featuring the Silversun Pickups. I’m not sure how this snipped-to-bits version of the nearly 20-year-old show will do as far as awareness goes, although I understand MTV’s reticence toward taking entire half-hour blocks from The Phone in order to promote music. I guess even more surprising than the way it’s being presented is the news that Ne-Yo did an episode of the show during its most recent reboot two years ago, only of course all anyone could talk about at the time was the one where Korn and Robert Smith collaborated. Please feel free to use this space to discuss your favorite installments of MTV Unplugged. Extra points for a) YouTube embeds and b) mentioning the Kiss episode! MTV Unplugged [Official site]