The Cutout Bin: New Bands, Not-Yet-Out Comics, And Someone Who Came Late To Led Zeppelin

noah | June 5, 2009 5:30 pm

Before we close out the weekend, a few links worthy of your clicking / browsing: • Axe-slinging Idolator fave Mary Timony has a new band called Soft Power, which, based on the two songs that are streaming from its MySpace right now, sounds like what would happen if her solo efforts got Krautrock remixes. Needless to say, I love this. [MySpace via Jessica Hopper] • Pete Wentz is imagineering a comic book around the Folie A Deux track “Tiffany Blews.” Also, it’s his 30th birthday today. Also, this Sunday’s episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent is called “Folie A Deux,” although I suspect that is just a coincidence. [Fall Out Toy Works / Buzznet] • Jeremy Barnes, who’s performed with some of my favorite indie outfits and is currently working with the Balkan-inspired outfit A Hawk & A Hacksaw, has put together a list of his 20 favorite Romanian albums. [FACT via Matos] • In case your Twitter feed is missing a certain… something, the “Ultimate Follow List” put together by UK rock rag Kerrang! provides a gigantic list of musicians on the microblogging service. Now, you can follow Jared Leto, Sebastian Bach, and pretty much everyone who played at Bamboozle last month! [Kerrang via The Daily Swarm] • The first time Elvis Costello heard “Black Dog”? At a Robert Plant/Alison Krauss show. So, you know, recently. [eMusic]

[Photo via Drake LeLane]