Bret Michaels Has An Inadvertent Makeout Session With Some Scenery At The Tony Awards

noah | June 7, 2009 11:00 pm
You have to feel for Bret Michaels. The Poison frontman took to the stage with his band at tonight’s Tony Awards–in an effort to show that he can use Sunday-night TV to promote his music career, and not just make out with various surgically enhanced women–and his performance of “Nothin’ But A Good Time” was capped by him getting clotheslined by a piece of scenery descending from the rafters. (The VH1 gods do not like to be teased.) No word on his condition yet, but apparently his nose isn’t broken. The clip of the band’s full performance is above; as you might expect, industrious YouTube users have distilled the clip down to its Bret-getting-clocked essence, and you can see that after the jump.
Can’t wait until this mishap is written into a challenge for the next season of Rock Of Love! (Also, Constantine was robbed! OK, not really, those kids were cute. )Poison at Tonys (June 7, 2009) [YouTube]Bret Michaels Poison Tony Awards [YouTube]