Vintage Topless Britney Pictures Leak, World Continues To Spin On Its Axis

noah | June 8, 2009 10:30 am

In “honor” of Britney Spears playing a clutch of shows at London’s O2 Arena, the British tabloid News Of The World has acquired pictures of the pop star without a shirt (but with some unfortunate tattoo-looking pasties), which were taken during the shoot for the “Gimme More” video all the way back in the summer of 2007. That this 17-photo gallery has so far escaped the notice of many usual-suspect Internet outposts for famous ladies’ body parts is either a sign that even those people working at the most primordial-ooze-accessible portions of the Web feel kinda bad about the state Brit Brit was in lo those many months ago, or that they are working feverishly to make the perfect “gimme less, amirite” pun since NOTW already took “Britney’s spheres,” or maybe that “topless Britney” just doesn’t have the same Google juice that it used to:

The topless photos of Britney Spears—published yesterday in News of the World—haven’t even been posted on Perez Hilton. (Drudge is also a no-show at the Britney pics party.) Those of us who have labored in the salt mines of the gossip blogs easily recall a time only some months ago when we would have been texted to attend to our laptops when some Britney topless action occurred on a weekend. Now there is a giant gaping silence. (Part of the problem is that her non-breast parts, as photographed, look so unbelievably terrible. Perhaps everyone feels bad!)

This is sort of embarrassing for everyone! It is pretty much like someone ripped off her top at a party and everyone was like “Oh boy, call her a cab right now, she is bringing us down and this is not sophomore year of college.”

I seem to remember that, back when the video was released, the idea that one could maybe possibly see a bit of Brit-boob if one watched the “Gimme More” video in slo-mo was a big deal. Of course, I also remember that the “Gimme More” video was originally supposed to have a plot, so.

(Can we also all just admit that Blackout > Circus?)UPDATE: Oh hey, there we go. Guess the Internet had a case of the Mondays!Britney’s spheres [News Of The World; HT The Awl]Britney Spears – Gimme more [Dailymotion]