Today In Pushed-Back Albums: JoJo Screeches, ?uestlove Tweets, And Lil Wayne Shreds Some More

noah | June 10, 2009 4:00 pm

It’s time for another look at upcoming albums that have had their release dates pushed back, a condition that’s growing ever more chronic as the bottom seemingly falls out of the music industry. Today, we look at albums by JoJo, The Roots, and Lil Wayne (yes, again!) that are allegedly coming soon, although not as soon as originally thought. JoJo, All I Want Is Everything Old date: Spring ’09. New date: Unknown. Official reason: Her label, Blackground Records, used to be distributed by Universal Motown, but is in need of a new business partner. And Timbaland’s pending lawsuit against the label probably isn’t helping said search all that much! Real reason: Who knows, but the scream at the 2:30 mark of this video in which JoJo uses doing the dishes as her “stage business” is making me wonder just what working with her is like. The Roots, How I Got Over Old date: Summer ’09. New date: October ’09. Official reason: None given, although according to ?uestlove’s Twitter, “It shall be worth the wait.” Real reason: The Zack Attack reunion album is suddenly a “high priority” for NBC execs who are excited that something, anything they’ve done lately has gotten buzz. Lil Wayne, Rebirth Old date: July 21. New date: Aug. 18. Official reason: None given, although it’s “ready to go” according to the man himself. Real reason: Well, the album hadn’t had an announcement that it was being pushed back since mid-May! Clearly, it was time.