Andrew WK’s New Show Takes Things To The Extreme

noah | June 12, 2009 10:30 am
The Andrew WK-hosted Destroy Build Destroy debuts a week from tomorrow on the Cartoon Network, and in case you were wondering just what the title meant, here’s the show’s official description: “With host, Andrew W.K., two teams take turns destroying each other’s materials, then putting them back together, then destroying them again. Oh, and things blow up.” And the above trailer would seem to bear that out! Although I kept getting distracted by the stuff being destroyed by the commercial’s background music, which sounded like a certain song about desire-born Catholic guilt that appeared on one of my favorite albums of high school:
Seriously, that “cha cha cha chunk” riff underneath the scenes of Andrew WK-presided mass destruction is exactly the same as the one on the verses! Maybethis guy got a side job doing music for Cartoon Network ads. Either way, thanks, Andrew WK, for inadvertently teaching me that if you search “Pornograffiti” on Google, Extreme isn’t even mentioned in the first 100 links–or the “related searches” area? I thought they coined that term! What an outrage!Andrew WK – “Destroy Build Destroy” [YouTube]Extreme – It’s A Monster [YouTube] Earlier: Andrew WK To Make Triumphant Return To TV