Just What The World Needed: An All-Eagles Radio Station

noah | June 12, 2009 1:30 pm

Supermanager Irving Azoff and radio megaglomerate Clear Channel have teamed up to launch “a.p.e. radio,” an all-lowercase effort that will allow people who just can’t seem to find a space on the dial that’s playing “Hotel California” or that Weezer song about Beverly Hills ad nauseam to tune in to artist-specific channels (similar to the ones on Sirius/XM) on CC’s iheartradio network. (Lowercase all theirs, not mine.) The first clients of Azoff’s Front Line Management to get the personalized radio stations: The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, and Weezer. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on whether Guns N’ Roses will also get this treatment, possibly because Front Line isn’t sure whether or not Axl Rose has fired the company for the fifth time this month. [FMQB via Hipsters United]