Denny’s Teams Up With Even More Musicians To Provide Branded Heart Attacks On A Platter

noah | June 15, 2009 4:30 pm

The Denny’s Rock Star Menu Mach III–the newest iteration of the late-night culinary sorcery (and cheese-saucery) that brought you waitresses in jeans and the Hooburrito–has announced its next round of dishes, which were designed by Rascal Flatts, Gym Class Heroes, Sum 41, and Good Charlotte. There is definitely not a Nannerpuss to be found among the mix of eggs, French toast, meat, cheese, meat, eggs, and cheese that debuts on Denny’s menus across the country next week. However, in a new innovation, this time out there is a vegetarian option, courtesy of GC’s Madden brothers! (Although one wonders about what sort of grease cooks the Boca Burger that makes up the “meat” of their Band Of Burritos.) Grab an antacid and meet me after the jump for the full menu.Rascal Flatts’ Unstoppable Breakfast: A biscuit topped with country-fried steak, eggs (guest’s choice), American cheese, country gravy and three strips of bacon, served with a side of hash browns.Gym Class Heroes’ After School Special: Texas toast topped with hash browns, a fried egg, shredded cheese, bacon, and fire-roasted peppers and onions, served with hash browns and a side of Ranchero country gravy.Sum 41’s The Sumwich: French toast sandwich filled with ham, cheddar cheese and eggs (guest’s choice) and sprinkled with powdered sugar, served with hash browns and a side of syrup for dipping.Good Charlotte’s Band of Burritos Available in two varieties (one veg-friendly!), this burrito is available as a Boca® Burrito or a Smoked Chicken Burrito with shredded cheese, sliced mushrooms, fire-roasted peppers and onions and spicy mayo. Both are served with tortilla chips and ranch dressing.Preview the brand new Rockstar Menu hitting Denny’s next week! [Denny’s Allnighter]