Courtney Love Prepares To Crown Herself Miss World One More Time

noah | June 17, 2009 12:00 pm

Proving that there are still bands from the ’90s that still have yet to reunite–or, at least, dust off their old names for one more trip through the nostalgia machine–Courtney Love has announced that her forever-in-the-works album Nobody’s Daughter will not come out under her name, but instead under the name of her old band Hole. Also she’s wearing leather pants! And trying to channel Apocalyptica! Unfortunately the C-Love video diary set up by the NME to chronicle these exciting (yet not all that surprising in the grand scheme of things) developments is broken, but just look at this breathless synopsis penned by the mag’s Dan Martin:

Yes, it’s been a long time. Yes, she’s on her third producer, fourth studio, and lord knows how many bass players. But along the way, extraordinary things have been afoot. What began as an attempt to reinvent herself as an MOR adult-rock artist with power-ballad queen Linda Perry at the helm was abandoned when it became apparent that that is just not how this lady rolls. Next, she headed to London, with the intention of finding a band. The only survivor from that initial line-up comes from the most unlikely of sources – Micko Larkin, from sometime Albion reprobates Larrikin Love. She scooped him up, took him to the Chateau Marmont and set about polishing the talent she saw into her new Eric Erlandson. She’s still kept a bunch of the songs she wrote with Perry (and, indeed, longtime compadre Billy Corgan). But when she began writing with Larkin (whose talent she looks like having been right about), it became obvious that the ‘Rock Courtney’ was back in action, and that this music could only come out under one name, HOLE. Micko will be lead guitarist, and Hole bassist Melissa auf der Maur, though working on projects of her own, has returned for backing vocals, and may play bass on tours next year. The album is as good as done, with the rest of the touring line-up for now remaining TBC. Now, there will be plenty of people who throw rocks at Courtney for bringing back a modified version of Hole for the same reasons that they threw rocks at Corgan for bringing back Smashing Pumpkins. I would raise them that Courtney and Billy are the essences of Hole and the Pumpkins for the same reasons that Liam and Noel are the essence of Oasis. Does anybody question the authenticity of an Oasis without Tony McCarroll, Bonehead and the other one? Thought not.

Well, I don’t know about you, but having Melissa auf der Maur back in the fold actually lends credibility to the whole enterprise in my eyes. (Although talk about long-in-the-works solo albums…) The Return Of Hole [NME via Hipsters United]