The Cutout Bin: Peach Pit Memories, Moving Bees, And Fake Woombles In The Wild

noah | June 19, 2009 4:00 pm

Before we run off to the combination Pizza Hut / Taco Bell with our copies of Infinite Jest tucked underneath our arms, a few links worthy of your clicking / browsing: • Steve Sanders may not have been much of a fan of alternative music, but rest assured that Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is super-into the “kind of absurd extras that come with being in a rock band”–i.e. being on Beverly Hills 90210. [Spinner] • A fan was so pissed about the new fan-funded album by Idlewild leaking, he posed as frontman Roddy Woomble on Twitter and threatened legal action against the villainous uploader. [paidContent UK] • The karaoke-for-fabulous-prizes game show The Singing Bee has a new home (CMT) and a new host (some chick who used to be on Reba). [CMT] • Maryland-based concert promoter Seth Hurwitz released a statement decrying megapromoter Live Nation‘s “death grip” on venues in and around Washington, D.C. Hurwitz–who is suing the company for “deliberately and unlawfully acquir[ing] monopoly power” over the local concert biz, particularly the amphitheater business–added, “There is a huge difference between enticing artists to play your venues by doing a better job, versus forcing them to play your venues by controlling the market and the acts,” he said. [Washington Post] • Gossip lead yowler Beth Ditto coins my favorite neologism of the week: “boner dyke,” in reference to women who get it on with other women for the purpose of titillating men. Like, y’know, Katy Perry. [Spinner] • Also, her plus-sized clothing line for the British chain Evans is 80% cute. [Jezebel]