Tell Me Something Good: Your Favorite Discoveries Of Recent Days

noah | June 19, 2009 5:00 pm

Friends, I have to be honest with you: Today is the first sorta-nice day in the general New York area in what seems like forever, and I have one eye on the sky and my mind on the book that I am tantalizingly close to finishing. So here’s my simple question for you: What’s your favorite discovery of recent days? It can be a new-to-the-world band, a recently minted album, or an outfit that’s been making music for a while but just came across your transom. Five of mine, after the jump. • Explode Into Colors: A scruffier, dreamier ESG. [MySpace / The Catbirdseat] • Jaheim, “Never.” This love song somehow manages to make the line “Never would this player hang / his jersey up and leave the game” completely touching. Quite a feat, that. [Dailymotion / MySpace] • Moby, Wait For Me. No idea why he’s going around dissing Play, since this stunning little album sounds like its older, wiser, world-wearier cousin. Actually, maybe that’s the problem? [NPR] • Hot Lava. Their cover of Dion Del Shannon’s “Runaway” sounds like it was beamed in straight from the days the song first hit the charts, Doppler-bending and all. [MySpace] • Laura Izibor, “From My Heart To Yours.” Someone on Twitter yesterday asked me if I’d ever heard of this Dublin-born soul singer and I replied no–until I realized that “Heart” was the track that I was always humming along with when it came on Kiss. I have a sneaking suspicion that this song’ll be performed on at least three American Idol audition episodes next year, so get familiar now. [YouTube / MySpace]