50 Cent Shows Off His Romantic Side (Sort Of)

noah | June 24, 2009 1:00 pm

“I’ll Do Anything” is 50 Cent’s attempt at lovey-doveyness (duveyness?) that appears on his new ziptape War Angel, which he is curiously referring to as an “LP” even though it only appears to be available as a download. I was kind of hoping the clip would be patterened after the one I’ve placed after the jump, but alas, it’s just your basic models-and-semi-phallic-skyscrapers affair, with 50 swaddled in Gucci and engaging in “sexy” talk that I think is supposed to be mocking of something, what with its references to glue, inquiries after the lady’s menstrual cycle, and 50 exclaiming “You should be in fuckin’ love with me” at one point. Also, he sings! And yes, I’m using the exclamation point in the “celebrity vanity album” sort of way.

50 Cent – I’ll Do Anything [OnSMASH; HT XXL]Oliver! – I’d Do Anything [YouTube]