Tiny Masters Of Today Might Grow Up To Be As Jaded As Phil Collins

noah | June 25, 2009 10:30 am
Oh, Tiny Masters Of Today. When will you learn that the “videos making fun of the pop-star-making process” trope is one that’s at least twice as old as your already-wizened teenage souls? (And probably older?) Let it also be known that my first exposure to the clip for “Pop Star”–a song based around a riff wholesale borrowed from “Brimful Of Asha,” which isn’t a bad idea–was via MTV Hits, the digital-cable channel devoted to… oh, you know. For some reason, it’s airing an installment of Subterranean right now, which I’m sure some blog-band triumphalist out there will see as a “victory,” even though its videos have concepts directly influenced by the biggest, baddest arena rock of the past. [YouTube]