If You Give A Hoot About An Oxford Comma And Look Like Ezra Koenig, Tacos (And Microfame) Could Be Yours

noah | June 25, 2009 2:45 pm

What do you need to succeed as a musician in New York City? A little chutzpah, a little ingenuity, and a way to get free sustenance. The budding Lou Pearlman who lives in Williamsburg and wants to create a North Brooklyn boy band of his very own knows this, as evidenced by his Craigslist ad looking for members of a Vampire Weekend tribute outfit. (It’s important to note that dude is not just assembling a cover band, because “you must look vaguely like a member of the band” and have at least one pair of deck shoes in your closet to be considered.) He’s already set up a residency for the band at a “popular” bar in the neighborhood! And decided on a form of payment! The pitch, after the jump.

I wouldn’t be a member of the band, just the band’s manager. So we need one of each of these: Ezra Koenig (lead vocals, guitar, piano, hand drum) Rostam Batmanglij (organ, chamberlain, piano, harpsichord, guitar, vocal harmonies, drum and synth program, shaker) Chris Tomson (drums, guitar) Chris Baio (bass guitar) You must look vaguely like a member of the band and be able to play an instrument that corresponds to that band member. And it’s a necessary evil but you must have a flair for the preppy dress of the original bandmembers. This is real. Once the band is formed and you are all practiced up, you will have a residency the first thursday of every month at a popular Williamsburg-based bar/music venue. Tacos will be provided.

And yes, that’s all the pay these fresh-faced kids will get (distressingly, the “Compensation:” line of the ad eliminates the “o” in “tacos,” thus making it look like payment will be in halves of breath mint). I can’t wait for this to start at a popular Williamsburg bar near me! And I hope the manager is assembling a Discovery cover band in anticipation of Summer 2010 tribute-band demands. [Craigslist; HT Jon Solomon / Mike Lupica]