The Mets Are Asking Everyone To Clear Their Throats Again

noah | June 26, 2009 5:30 pm

For the past few years, my beloved New York Mets have been trying to institute an eighth-inning singalong for fans who didn’t blow out their voices on “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” to no avail. First there was the insistence on using the worn-out-by-Red-Sox-Nation “Sweet Caroline”; then there was the Internet’s attempt to Rickroll the team’s paying fanbase. I thought that the matter had been settled when I was at the team’s new home on Wednesday night and heard “Meet The Mets” in the middle of the eighth, but apparently not! Just in time for the first Mets-Yankees tilt at Citi Field tonight, the team has decided to open up the polls once more, and I mean… there’s no way “Meet The Mets” can’t handily beat every song in the field of contenders located after the jump. (Well, almost every one, anyway.) “Curly Shuffle” “Hooked on a Feeling” “I Like it Like That” “Mama Said Knock You Out” “Meet the Mets” “This Land is Your Land” “Twist & Shout” The threat to “Meet The Mets”? Not “Twist & Shout,” and not “Mama Said Knock You Out” (although man that would be awesome), but Jump ‘N The Saddle’s “The Curly Shuffle,” which was an in-stadium staple for the team during the 1986 championship season. Hey, any bit of luck that works, right?

Mets launch online voting for “Sing-A-Long” song [; HT Dan]