Alice In Chains Travel A Long Road Back

noah | July 2, 2009 11:00 am

Something that I missed earlier this week: The first single from the rebooted Alice In Chains, “A Looking In View,” was released on the band’s Web site for the price of an e-mail address (it’s also on iTunes, for those of you who would rather give up money than personal data). The first verdict on the seven-plus-minute track: Hearing the band give in to fortress-of-sound rock trends is a little jarring at first, but as “Looking” unfolds, it settles into a nice, dark groove, thanks in no small part to the way Jerry Cantrell’s backing vocals blend with those of new lead singer William Duvall into something ominous and otherwordly. (And yes, that’s a good thing.) A YouTube embed of the song after the jump.

Alice In Chains – A Looking In View [YouTube] Alice In Chains [Official site]