Sugababes May Be Too Sexy For Their New Song

noah | July 7, 2009 12:15 pm

Sure, the British pop trio Sugababes have always engaged in borrowing great musical moments from fellow artists—here’s Exhibit A—but did the world really need a Right Said Fred shout-out? You might say no, and yet the chorus of their new song “Get Sexy” stridently affirms on the chorus, “I’m too sexy in this club, too sexy in this club… so sexy it hurts.” (I bet you can figure out the meter just by reading those words.) Add to that some fluttery synths that were ripped off from “inspired by” Timbaland’s Keri Hilson collaboration “The Way I Are” and a healthy dollop of aggro and you have the beginnings of what is definitely an American makeover of the group, which recently signed to the Jay-Z-led Roc Nation. Whether you think that is a good thing or not is, of course, your call. Clip after the jump.

Sugababes – Get Sexy [YouTube]