Colbie Caillat To Invade Riverdale

noah | July 7, 2009 6:00 pm

In one of those “huh, how did this come about” pairings, folkie-ish singer Colbie Caillat will be comic-book-ized for an upcoming issue of the Archie offshoot Veronica; she’ll play a potential romantic interest for the red-headed Riverdale resident who’s somehow a “hunk.” (Ah, youth.) Archie Andrews falling for someone who’s frequently referred to as “a MySpace star”? That’s quite the leap for someone who was horrified by the world of downloading just two years ago! The press release announcing this guest-star appearance impressed me for no other reason than its snobby comment from Veronica Lodge—received via text message!—that read: “Colbie is cool. She is incredibly talented with a sensational singing voice. Riverdale hasn’t seen anyone like her since…well….me.” (Oh, Veronica, don’t worry. Daddy can buy you a voice, or at least some really good producers.) I thought Caillat had faded into the background of American Idol-abused lite-pop alongside Corinne Bailey Rae, so imagine my surprise when I was informed of the iTunes Store success of “Fallin’ For You,” the first single from her optimistically titled Breakthrough. “Fallin’,” which is currently at No. 7 on the store’s singles chart, is a lighter-than-air, gently plucked track that wisps into the air almost immediately after its closing chord rings out. It’s streaming from her official site, in case you want to know what you’ll be hearing at your local Walgreens come mid-July.Colbie Caillat [Official site]