Rob Thomas Tries To Go Viral

noah | July 8, 2009 12:00 pm

Everybody likes watching those YouTube clips where people at the end of their personal ropes go crazy on inanimate objects like cars, or tables, or windows, right? It would seem like Rob Thomas hopes so; his video for “Give Me The Meltdown” pays tribute to those shakily shot clips of freak-outs that get passed around workplaces, families, and e-mail lists. Of course, there’s a happy ending—the mass destruction culminates in a Rob/guy in a gorilla suit/UFO-led dance party—which is why your mom will send it to you as a “Funny video :)” soon enough: The cell-phone-camera quality of the clip would suggest that it’s pretty low-budget, but don’t forget: Destroyable stuff costs lots of money! (Well, except for maybe that car.) Give Me The Meltdown [MySpace]