Paul McCartney On The Whole Michael Jackson Will Thing: “At Times Like This, The Press Do Tend To Make Things Up”

noah | July 8, 2009 1:30 pm

Paul McCartney has taken to his Web site to clear up all the confusion over whether or not Michael Jackson left his share in the publishing rights for Beatles songs to him—confusion that even gripped this reporter until the release of Jackson’s will last week. You may not be surprised to learn that he is not really a fan of the breathless-game-of-telephone state of the media as it stands right now!

Some time ago, the media came up with the idea that Michael Jackson was going to leave his share in the Beatles songs to me in his will which was completely made up and something I didn’t believe for a second. Now the report is that I am devastated to find that he didn’t leave the songs to me. This is completely untrue. I had not thought for one minute that the original report was true and therefore, the report that I’m devastated is also totally false, so don’t believe everything you read folks! In fact, though Michael and I drifted apart over the years, we never really fell out, and I have fond memories of our time together. At times like this, the press do tend to make things up, so occasionally, I feel the need to put the record straight.

So there you have it. And they weren’t even fighting! Why does anyone believe anything that doesn’t come from an original source at all these days, I ask you. (OK, OK, I know why in an abstract sense. But times like this, I wonder just how much of the entertainment press is glad that they can get paid to basically write fan fiction.)News [; HT Music Radar]