Perez Hilton’s Record Label Is Actually Happening

noah | July 10, 2009 9:45 am

Even though the reality that Perez Hilton would have his own imprint with Warner Brothers was sort of inevitable, it’s still one of those pieces of news that makes you really glad you can run away from the computer for at least a while once the workday has ended. The Technicolor-haired Internet scourge is going to announce his first signing later this month, according to Entertainment Weekly, and I bet you whatever contract he extends will include a “stick up for the boss to the press” clause. Why, just look at this bit on how people tend to have strong opinions about him:

Much like a high schooler defacing his yearbook, Hilton scribbles nicknames — or penises, or bodily fluids — all over his blog photos in white ink. ”I don’t have to be objective,” says Hilton, who fully owns his site. ”I love that it’s my opinion, and I love that people disagree.” And do they ever. ”No one likes him,” says one Hollywood publicist whose clients have been targeted by Hilton. ”It’s because he’s got no morals.” Even fellow gossipmongers have zero love for him. When asked to comment for this story, Page Six columnist Richard Johnson simply e-mailed, ”He’s a parasite.” It’s tough to find someone to vouch for him publicly: EW reached out to such Perez pals as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, but Gaga’s publicist never responded and Perry’s rep said she was unavailable

“Unavailable”? No response? Sure, GaGa was pining for Perez on Twitter earlier this week, but this officially sanctioned silence is more than a little deafening.Perez Hilton Won’t Shut Up [Entertainment Weekly]