Trey Songz’ “LOL :)”: Hear It Now Before You Hear It Everywhere

noah | July 10, 2009 2:30 pm

Also on the new Tapemasters Inc. mix: “LOL :)” (pronounced “el oh el, smiley-face”), an ode to the lurid trend of “sexting” by Trey Songz with assists from Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane. Oh, readers, you are going to hear this song, which I believe is the lead single from Songz’ forthcoming album Ready, everywhere this summer. It has a delicate beat that I guess is supposed to remind one of computer alert sounds; it name-drops Twitpic; and Soulja Boy’s verse features a line where he rhymes “Blackberry” and “Halle Berry.” (He also name-checks his recent hit “Kiss Me Thru The Phone,” which is a further testament to his ability to self-market.) The track after the jump.

Ayo, technology. Was there a song like this back when *69 was all the rage? (Not the R.E.M. one.) Trey Songz feat. Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane – LOL Smiley Face [YouTube] Trey Songz [Official site]