Mariah Carey Keeping The Premiere Of Her Video In The Family

noah | July 13, 2009 11:00 am

Mariah Carey’s Brett Ratner-directed video for her new single “Obsessed,” in which she dons the dude gear at left, will continue the trend of videos debuting anywhere but a music-related channel this Wednesday when it premiere’s on the NBC summertime crapfest America’s Got Talent. Why would Carey choose that particular program to launch her new album—its high ratings? The possibility of making David Hasselhoff weep with joy because of what will no doubt its raucous, drag-related humor? While those are plausible scenarios, the even more likely reason is the fact that Talent is hosted by Mariah’s hubby Nick Cannon. And given that there’s been lots of tongue-wagging over whether or not “Obsessed” is a riposte to Eminem’s slagging of Carey on his new record, perhaps this is Cannon’s way of acknowledging that he really shouldn’t have deleted that blog post taking Slim Shady to task all those months ago, if only because keeping it around would have helped the run-up to his wife’s album just a little bit more. Carey’s video to premiere on ‘Got Talent’ [MSNBC]