The Collective Soul/Gavin DeGraw Throwdown In Myrtle Beach: Heaven, Let Your Punches Shine Down

noah | July 14, 2009 9:30 am

Gavin DeGraw and Collective Soul, who have been touring together, took some time out of their busy schedule to engage in a blood-shedding brawl with some hecklers at the House Of Blues in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on Sunday night. If the account on DeGraw’s Twitter is to be believed, the whole thing appeared to be borne out of the need to defend one’s honor against accusations of wussiness:

“Me and my crew just got in a 20 man brawl with a group of juiced up assholes. I guess they think that just cos I write love songs that I….Won’t throw down like a man. They were slow and drunk, but that woopin is gonna hurt worse than their hangovers. Goodnite to those……Douches! …They blind punched dean from Collective Soul first. Then tried to tag me. Big and slow and too aggressive.”

Meanwhile, Dean–a.k.a. Collective Soul guitarist Dean Roland–has offered up his own account of the night:

There was a girl that was talking to Dean and Gavin, and another guy at the bar apparently liked her. It was his birthday, so Dean wished him a happy birthday. But then the guy asked the girl who she was with, and she pointed to Gavin and Dean. The guy then punched Dean in the nose. And yes there was blood.

Then Ed, who was sitting behind Dean, proceeded to jump over Dean’s shoulders along with most of the crew to get the guy.

Gavin pile-drive’s the guy with his elbow right into the guy’s spine. Everything moved out into the streets.

The cops came and escorted everyone away. They were all told that they had a choice to go to jail or not come back for a year. They chose the latter.

Sorry Myrtle Beach fans.

Yep, both DeGraw and the members of Collective Soul have been banned from Myrtle Beach for a year. They can’t even go to Freestyle Music Park! DeGraw, Collective Soul Get In SC Bar Brawl [Palmetto Scoop via Jefito]