Mariah Carey Is Hoping That Someone Gets Hit By A Bus

noah | July 14, 2009 12:30 pm

Thanks to some poor schlub at Yahoo! Music flipping the wrong switch, Mariah Carey’s Brett Ratner-directed video for “Obsessed” premiered a few hours before it was set to debut online, and a whole day and a half before its TV debut. The clip is lacking the gently self-mocking humor that made last year’s Ratner-helmed spot for “Touch My Body” giggle-worthy; instead, it’s a video where Mimi is either taking aim at her longtime ponytail-puller Eminem or at any of the “little people” out there (doormen, photo assistants) who have unfortunate facial hair and low-level service jobs. Not a good look, either way. Clip after the jump.

Note also that Ratner rips off the clip’s ending (well, at least the CGI used in its ending) from a video by, of all people, Matt & Kim. Ugh. This whole thing is rendered even more unfortunate by me hearing “We Belong Together” on the radio yesterday, and it still sparkling out of tinny car speakers four years after its initial release. mariah obsessed [YouTube search result]