VH1’s Best Cruise Ever Is So Not The Best Cruise Ever: Or, How Would You Like To Be Trapped At Sea With Shinedown?

noah | July 14, 2009 3:45 pm

VH1 put its talking-head yakfest Best Week Ever on very long hiatus a few weeks ago, but they haven’t completely retired the “Best Ever” brand just yet. The show’s attendant blog is still alive, and today came the news that the channel would be sponsoring its own Best Cruise Ever, which promises to have “non-stop concerts from your favorite artists, VH1-themed activities and contests, plus the chance to hang with your favorite bands” for those people on board. (There will probably also be at least one chance to play Texas Hold ‘Em.) So who are these awesome bands scheduled to set sail to Grand Cayman next April? 3 Doors Down



Carolina Liar
Finger Eleven
(OK, I still like this song.) SAFETYSUIT

And there are six more bands coming as well! So what’s a more ill-advised decision, then: to have two bands with “Down” in their names on a cruise ship‘s entertainment roster, or to announce this jaunt just as the radio format that blasted these semi-anonymous outfits around town are falling one by one?VH1 Best Cruise Ever [Official site; HT Reed Fischer]