Taco Bell’s Mood Music Plays It Cheap

noah | July 15, 2009 1:30 pm

“Nannerpuss,” “Gimme Dat Fish,” “Do You Wanna Get Frosty With Me,” “Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell”—how many of this year’s more memorable songs have been at the very least inspired by the grease merchants that line this nation’s roadways and service plazas? Apparently enough to get the creative minds at Taco Bell’s ad agency thinking that the Mexic-ish chain deserved a song of its own, and that said song really needed to go viral, albeit not in the “upset stomach” way. After the jump, feast your ears on “It’s All About The Roosevelts,” an ode to the Bell’s low prices that has made those who hear it wonder en masse if the chain had hired Andy Samberg’s Lonely Island to do its jingle-based bidding:

This would have made for a really funny Taco Bell ad… in 1998. Sure, the electro flourishes on the track are somewhat au courant, but didn’t Moby parody the Hype Williams flashy style of videomaking long ago? I dunno, Taco Bell–until you can come out with a song that can inspire parody videos featuring a baby as their star, I have to give the “songs about super-cheap food by Yum! Brands” title of 2009 to Das Racist. To feel better about my judgment, here is the aforementioned video of a baby playing Nannerpuss. Use it as inspiration for next time!
It’s All About The Roosevelts [YouTube]