Michael Jackson’s Wikipedia Entry Gives Me More Than A Feeling That Someone’s Trying To Play A Joke

noah | July 15, 2009 2:00 pm

A current claim from Michael Jackson’s Wikipedia entry: “In 1989, after his brothers recorded and released the smash hit album 2300 Jackson Street without him, Jackson felt the urge to return to a band setting. He briefly joined BOSTON: unfortunately contractual issues and his inability to adjust to BOSTON bandleader Tom Scholz’s personal quirks caused Jackson to leave the band after just a few months to return to a solo career. His success resulted in his being dubbed the ‘King of Pop,’ a nickname conceived by Scholz.” I am 99.999999% sure that none of this is true, but I swear to God it is there right now, and will probably be regurgitated as gospel truth by some well-meaning writer looking to pad their 2,457th Jackson-related story of recent weeks with something vaguely “different” within the next, oh, 24 hours or so. A screenshot after the jump!

(Click for a bigger version.) Oh yeah, Jackson sold a boatload of records last week—nearly 1.1 million total. And finally, publications are calling him “King Of Pop” with completely straight faces, as opposed to the barely concealed disdain they had for said honorific shortly after he bestowed it upon himself! I wonder if anyone’s called Scholz for comment on these developments yet?Michael Jackson [Wikipedia] Related: I Guess People Still Really Hate Phil Collins